About Adrian Leeds Group Apartments

Adrian Leeds

Adrian Leeds Group Apartments is a boutique rental agency administered and operated by the same great team as the Parler Paris Nouvellettre®, the French Property Insider and French Property Consultation services – the Adrian Leeds Group.

French property expert, Adrian Leeds, started Parler Paris Apartments to service new property owners who had purchased their Paris properties with the help of her consultancy.


The bouquet of luxury long-term Paris apartment offerings has grown steadily over the years as more and more investors sought out a one-stop-shopping service that provided all aspects of searching, financing, purchasing, renovating and renting their Paris properties. With the loyal association of interior architect, Martine di Mattéo and mosaic artist Véronique Husson, the renovation and interior design of almost all of the apartments, is assured to provide ultimate luxury while incorporating comfort, functionality and convenience to every detail. Only apartments that meet the very high standards the Adrian Leeds Group demands are offered for rental at affordable rates — as reasonable, if not less than, most others on the market managed by individual landlords or other agencies.


seal-of-approvalAdrian Leeds herself is the "seal of approval" you can trust for providing the very best. With both the renters and the owners in mind, every effort is made by the entire team to guarantee 100% satisfaction for your new life in the City of Light.

If you are a property owner of a well located, decorated and appointed apartment seeking the best of booking and management, you may want to contact the Adrian Leeds Group for representation.

The Adrian Leeds Group is a team of North American professionals whose goal is to assist Anglophones to fulfill their dream of living and investing in France. Readers of our publications, and clients of our services, have the ability to deepen their relationship with France on both an emotional and economic level, while working with knowledgeable and experienced professionals they can fully trust.

When you work with the Adrian Leeds Group, you get more than just a home; you get an entire community of newfound friends.

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