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parler-parlor-reunionAllyn Hertzbach: Though my French is still rudimentary and full of errors, ParlerParlor has taught me how to speak and behave in "situations," from buying things in stores (pâtisseries are a priority) to social gatherings. The information that has been invaluable to us as neophytes in Paris in almost every aspect of life -- where to buy everything from patisserie to real estate. In addition to ParlerParlor introducing me to French and the ways of the French, it also has introduced us to a number of interesting people, some have already become close friends. We continue to benefit from the education we get at PP about living in Paris: where to go for what, how to ask for it, how much to pay for it, how to behave in social and commercial situations, and what's going on around town -- movies, museums, exhibitions, performing arts, and other special events. ParlerParlor has enriched our lives in Paris immensely. Without ParlerParlor we'd still adore Paris, but I don't think we would have seen or done nearly as much. And my French would be far worse. Every Parler Parlor session I learn new words/phrases, meeting friends and making new ones. I also hear about several events to mark down on my list of things to do and see. The only problem is attending them all!

Peter Torvik: "ParlerParlor is a terrific setup, and I recommend it to all my friends, French or international, who honestly want to improve their skills in French or in English. I am sure that ParlerParlor helped me develop a functioning command of"real" French, more than any French class I ever took. But what was always the greatest was the people. In your work life or your social life, you will never meet such a cross section of different people, of all ages and many different origins, occupations and backgrounds, as you find at ParlerParlor. What a great way to get to understand a culture and a country that is! And one of the great things is that you never know what you will talk about from session to session, which means that you are learning the whole language, learning to talk about all sorts of things and not just about your job or the "language school" subset of French (or English). That's important, and makes this place special compared to a language school or a more formalized sort of exchange program. I'm glad I came to ParlerParlor, it really helped me settle into France and brightened my weeks. I wouldn't change a thing, just keep it going as healthy as ever."

Nancy Silver: "ParlerParlor has had a marked impact on my international life, for sure. It was a treat to see you again and participate in the conversations. Always an interesting group of people."

Robin Sparks Daugherty: " My biggest lesson during my stay in Paris last summer was that if you can't speak French in France, you're sunk. Or at least severely challenged. Every life detail . . .calling a cab, asking directions, buying groceries, ordering in a restaurant, buying train tickets, making a phone call . . .becomes one monumental task piled on top of another if you don't speak the native language. Not only that, but inability to communicate seals you off from the culture. ParlerParlor was like a space station for me -- a place to step off what felt like a foreign planet to be with others in the same boat as myself. ParlerParlor is a friendly, non-threatening way to practice French in what has proven to be the fastest way to learn new language skills -- conversation. It's a also a great place to meet people from different countries who are stretching outside conventional boundaries much as you are. Oh yeah, and the price is right."

Walter Pappas: "ParlerParlor provided us an opportunity to meet French people (and many others from different countries) to exchange ideas, information and experiences. Along the way, we also became a lot more proficient in communicating in French because we learned to listen better and to find ways to express ourselves when vocabulary failed. Many thanks to Adrian and Elisabeth."

Sharon Morgan, Restauranteuse, Bojangles: "Had it not been for ParlerParlor, I would NOT have been able to survive in Paris. As it is, I am thriving!!! Met some great people, have great insights on French culture, real-life conversational ability and -- just got a new restaurant -- so, I am here to stay. MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!"

Molly Last: "As I work with limited English speakers here, I can speak positively of the value your organization provides. I went through a 'silent' period at ParlerParlor and as my confidence grew I was able to speak more. I see my students going through the same stages as I did. Thank you again for your open ear during my stay in Paris in '98. I do feel that my joining the ParlerParlor group contributed positively to my language growth."

Kristin Knauf: "I'm back home now in Seattle and wanted to write to thank you for those great conversation groups! I was really happy to be a part of it as I got a lot from it, not to mention I made some new friends! I am still practicing my French and joined the Alliance Francaise de Seattle in hopes of having some authentic conversation. I miss your group a lot though and I really miss Paris! I'll be back sometime soon, I hope and look forward to coming to ParlerParlor again! Merci Beaucoup!"

parler-parlor-July4group2000Andrea Knox: "I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed ParlerParlor. I had a great time and could feel my French improving. If I'm ever back in Paris for more than a few weeks, I'll be signing up again."

Christie Austin: "I started coming to ParlerParlor about 2 months and now it's become a habit -- I never want to miss a group! What a great way to practice my French and to meet interesting people."

Mathilde Goycoechea: "Une très bonne organization où l'on peut vraiment progresser dans une ambiance très conviviale. Long life to you."

Laurel Adler Costello: "I want to let you know how much I enjoyed being part of ParlerParlor during my month stay in Paris. I am back in the U.S., but hope to return to Paris sometime this coming year. I will definitely come back to the Parlor whenever I'm in town. I will recommend ParlerParlor to any of my friends who plan to be in Paris. Thanks again!"

Nadine Peigneau: "C'est bien d'avoir mis un support écrit aujourd'hui, car cela aide pour la conversation sinon cela part dans tout le sens . . . mis à part cela c'est bien."

Bruno: "Une façon sympathique de se perfectionner en anglais, des discussions très libres, ouvertes intéressantes avec les américains, hollandais, suédois séjournant en France souvent pour leur travail ou leurs loisirs."

Suzanne Smith: "This program is a great opportunity to informally practice and improve my French. As a student studying French, this has been a perfect compliment to what I am learning in class. In addition, it has been a perfect place to meet new people."

Unsigned: "A comfortable and relaxed place to really learn how to speak French."

Grace Visconti: "Not only did I improve my French, but I made some new, charming friends."

Michele Gastine: "J'apprécie beaucoup. Merci."

parler-parlor-groupePaquerette Polonet: "ParlerParlor me permet de pratiquer l'anglais. En effet, les opportunités sont rares une fois les études terminées. Et nous rencontrons des personnes de tous horizons."

Gil Leistner: "It's a relaxed setting in which you can make mistakes without fear and where you can discuss the subtilties of language."

Jean Francois Coste: "Les séances sont très conviviables et sympathiques. J'apprécie ces rencontres des personnes s'exprimant avec des niveaux différents. Cela permet de bien situer son propre niveau d'anglais."

Anne Barral: "Ambiance très agréable, personnes très sympathiques et les cours vraiment intéressants."