Property Appraisal and Evaluation Services

st-tropez 8What’s your Paris property worth?

The answer to your question is our property evaluation service. Whether you are interested to purchase a Paris property, looking to sell your current Paris property or just want to know the value of your apartment, we can provide you with a certified current market valuation of the property.

A licensed professional will conduct an inspection of the property, including condition and age of the building, common areas, security, amenities, and recent renovations. We also review the current homeowner’s charges, taxes and if possible determine possible improvements to the building that could potentially be assessed in the near term. The report is based on comparables of properties of the same size, location and/or amenities that have either been recently sold or are currently on the market. We add value to the expert's valuation by virtue of our own base of knowledge in the areas of property consultation, finance, construction and renovation to render a valuation range consistent with the current market.

SCOPE OF WORK: The scope of work for this evaluation is defined by (1) inspection of the interior and exterior areas of the subject unit, (2) inspection of the building and common areas, (3) inspection of the neighborhood, (4) research and analysis of data from reliable public and/or private sources, and recommendations and conclusions. If for any reason, the evaluator is unable to gain access to the subject property and the client approves this approach, the evaluation report will be rendered with the knowledge that evaluator has rendered an opinion without a physical inspection and site visit of the property, building or neighborhood.

INTENDED USE: This evaluation report is for the client to evaluate the property in the context of making an informed decision regarding purchase or other transaction related to the property.

MARKET VALUE: The market value is based upon current market conditions utilizing recent comparable sales or listings of apartments based on location, size, condition and amenities from public and private sources. This report is not intended to indicate that range of the price provided herein shall be considered the only price at which the property can be purchased.

STATEMENT OF ASSUMPTIONS AND LIMITING CONDITIONS:The evaluator will not be responsible for matters of a legal nature that affect either the property being evaluated or the title to it. The evaluator assumes that the title is good and marketable and will not render any opinions about the title. The evaluator will not give testimony or appear in court based on the conclusions or recommendations made in the context of the evaluation of the property in question. Unless otherwise stated in this report, the evaluator has no knowledge of any hidden or unapparent physical deficiencies or adverse conditions of the property (such as, but not limited to, needed repairs, deterioration, the presence of hazardous wastes, toxic substances, adverse environmental conditions, etc.) that would make the property less valuable and makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied. The appraiser will not be responsible for any such conditions that do exist or for any engineering or testing that might be required to discover whether such conditions exist.

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