Meeting of October 11, 2011
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Parler Paris Après Midi


“Parler Paris Après Midi” was one of the most attended, thanks to author David Downie’s talk about "Paris and the Nostalgia Business: Merging Past and Present in the City of Light."

The topic evoked quite a lot of emotion – as does the city from lovers of Paris such as you readers. David’s ‘Janus’ point of view – of both looking back (historically) as well as forward (the future) as related to the French and Parisians had us questioning the almost bi-polar personality of its inhabitants…who wish to hold on to the past while wanting to exist in the future. There was much commentary and debate and made for a fascinating afternoon.

David's own blogpost about the event can be read here: http://blog.davidddownie.com/2011/10/paris-paris-and-nostalgia-business.html

When asked each of the attendees to tell us a little something about themselves, here's what they wrote:

Heidi Shlenker: Visiting my dear friend, Dale! (Celebrating a birthday!)

Trish Browning: I visit Paris every year, to see musieums, art, etc. and indulge in Parisian life and try to improve my language skills.

Jeremy Levinn and Cindy Kanj: Researching 19th-century art... (but Jeremy is the personal coach I wrote about in Parler Paris!)

Carolyn Breedlove: I "live" in Paris one month a year as a fractional property owner. I visit as many art exhibits as I can while here, plus this time am taking part in a "Spoken Word" group weekly (I have a poetry chatbook being published this winter). I'll also go to Basse Normandie to visit the town my ancestors immigrated from to Canada in the 17th-century.

Becky Bodnar and Robert Rigauy: My husband and I are here for a month on vacation.

Buck Branson: Relax and have fun.

Gene and Shelli Oreck: We live here one half of the year.

Krista Lalverson: I recently quit my job as managing editor of the U.S. literary magazine Zoetrope: All-Stoky. I'm in France for three months to soak up the culture and language. I'd love to stay longer if possible.

Melissa Cohen: Here on vacation. Spent a year of college in Toulouse, have not been back to France since. Very excited to explore and practice French.

Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson: I do Colleen's Paris blog and Web site -- arrived in 1992 -- my Swedish husband grew up here and he found...(unfinished!)

Cecilia Robles Roji (Brunet): I came here because of my husband's work. I work in real-esate, interior design and I like to meet people. I look forward to being "settled" in Paris...

Marie-José Clet: I enjoy myself and learn new things and make new friends.

Xavier Danet: Here to have a nice and pleasant conversation with real Americans!

Kimberly and David Brody: Agent Literaire and her husband...

Anna Chek: I came to Paris to live here and "be." I'm currently retired -- goal is to absolrb the lifestyle, see more and more of Paris and France, travel to other European countries.

And those who wrote nothing, but were present: David Downie, Erwin Petri and Alexandria Levie, Dale Gaber, Anne Dorfman, Anne Putziger, Al Stewart, Tom Regan, Alice Needham and Bill, Antonio Meza (celebrating his birthday)

Patricia Laplante Collins was well enough to join us! For more information abut her Sunday night soireés, visit: www.parissoirees.com.

Next on the agenda is...

November 8 Jane Grey

"Metaphysical Manifestation: How to create whatever you really want in life.”

Metaphysical manifestation is the art and skill of deliberate creation, using the universal laws of consciousness and energy. Jane Grey will discuss the basics of manifestation for creating results in any area of your life, including career, relationships, health and money! With a doctorate in Metaphysical Theology, Jane leads a private practice as a Life Coach, Holistic Counselor, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She was the co-founder of Philosophy Café in English and the founder of Metaphysical Café in Paris. For more information about Jane’s work, visit www.HopeInParis.com