Meeting of September 13, 2011
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We talked about sex. Victoria, the Pleasure Coach, made it very palpable to discuss Sex in the City of Light among friends of Parler Paris at yesterday's "Après Midi."

And so you ask, "What about it?"

Victoria, who is a clinically Certified Sexological Bodyworker from the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, talked about how she came into the career of sex by sheer chance and how Paris, of all places, gives us the "permission" to be sexual beings.

As you can imagine, the topic evoked much controversy and question, along with a lot of giggles and laughs, but surprisingly not many embarrassing moments. She claims to be one of only a few hundred people on the planet who do what she does and thanks to Paris, she's met people from all over the world -- as the French are not her primary clients.

Funny, you would think that since the French culture is so sexually uninhibited and open-minded, that they would be the first to jump on the pleasure bandwagon, but no. According to Victoria, they are very private people who don't openly discuss their emotional or sexual issues, but are certainly open to experimentation and multiple partners. (Ever notice how small is the "self help" section in a French bookstore?)

What does Victoria do that is so different? Let's put it this way: it's a combination of body and mind therapy that could give you a new lease on life, if not a healthier sex life and more openness to the world at large. That means that there is both conversation and hands-on work that takes the 'talk' to a 'practical' level.

She says it's a tough service to market without giving the wrong impression...and you can just imagine what that might be! But, from someone who has had first-hand experience with Victoria's unusual, but practical service, I can tell you that a session with her is as useful as a new pair of glasses that help you see the world much clearer.

To learn more about Victoria, the Pleasure Coach, visit thepleasurecoach.com/

When asked each of the attendees to tell us a little something about themselves, here's what they wrote:

Lone Morch: A fine art photographer and writer, Danish, but based in Sausalito, California, owner of www.lolosboudoir.com -- here to photograph clients and research sensuality/creative retreats for women in Paris and the Loire Valley next year.

Eugene Wiskowski: I came to Paris because I can; I do enjoy the city and my goal is to continue to enjoy the city!

Yael Menasse Friedberg: I came to Paris to learn French and study business administration. After my studies, I started working in a bank and met my husband. I love the USA (my brother lives in Seattle) and love living in Paris (26 years now).

Diane Ireland: I came to escape the heat of New Orleans and work on my French. I am also looking for somewhere to live from May to October each year and trying different countries.

Donna Blazevic: I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida, visit Paris every year, rent an apartment in different arrodissements.

Sue and Steve Chenette: :-)

Erwin Petri and Alexandria Levie: "Already on file!"

Marcia Cohen: Adrian found me a great apartment in Paris in the 14th. I just want to be here with my friends.

Frederic Maerkle: I am retired in Paris and now free to explore the great city.

Ed Jennings: TV producer and sound recordist, I also help people with computer problems and any technical things (small electrical, plumbing, etc.)

Susan and Linda Lawyer: For vacation, explore culture and language, visit expositions and Heritage Days September 17 and 18, going to Normandy to visit a friend...

And those who wrote nothing, but were present: Marilee McClintock, Mary Louise Sillman, Judith Merians, Anne Morton, Antonio Meza, Nicholas Harding.

Patricia Laplante Collins was well enough to join us! For more information abut her Sunday night soireés, visit: www.parissoirees.com.

Next on the agenda is...

October 11: David Downie

"Paris and the Nostalgia Business: Merging Past and Present in the City of Light."

Next month, October 11th, we're hosting David Downie, author of many books and articles about Paris, who will be discussing "Paris and the Nostalgia Business: Merging Past and Present in the City of Light." Be there!

Be sure to mark your calendar to be there.