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buy-from-amazon   Leah Chase: Listen, I Say Like This

By Carol Allen, Leah Chase

leahchaseWritten largely in the words of Leah Chase, herself, this book makes the reader feel he or she really KNOWS Leah Chase, and what a lady to know! She is a piece of our national history and a national treasure. Her willingness to express her opinions on just about everything evokes laughter as well as tears. Her life is awe-inspiring,sometimes humorous and sometimes sad. Leah Chase is one of those rare human beings who can walk with kings or sit on the floor with poor folks and be just as comfortable with either.




 buy-from-amazon   Saveurs américaines

By Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier

saveursamericaines"Saveurs Américaines," by Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier, Editions du Chêne, is a fascinating story of the United States and its culture through its gastronomy. American cooking, more famous in France for its fast-food, appears here as a real cuisine and carries the traces of all the influences of the people who emigrated to this vast and varied country. The recipes have been collected by the authors during voyages through the territory, and are beautifully photographed by Christine Fleurent. The photographs also show us the products used, their culture, the breeding, the landscapes, environments, and the art of living in general in the various areas of the United States. Some of the great American favorites are featured in this book, and their recipes are easy follow: clam chowder, baked Virginia ham, turkey with all the trimmings, cheesecake and pecan pie and many more (around 100 recipes). The products used to execute them can all be found in France, and the measurements are in grams.

Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany are Americans who live in France and authors of many articles, conferences and other books on American cuisine: "Le Grand Livre de la Cuisine Américaine" (Hermé) " 300 Recettes de Cuisine Américaine" (Jacques Grancher), " "Savoir Préparer la Cuisine Américaine" (Créalivres), " Cookies and Cakes " (Corredis), Christine Fleurent is a photographer, specialized in the gastronomy and arts of the table.



 buy-from-amazon   Champagne: How the World's Most Glamorous Wine Triumphed Over War and Hard Times

By Don and Petie Kladstrup

champagneFrom the time of Attila the Hun to the Germans of World War II, waves of invaders have tried to conquer the verdant region of Champagne in northern France. Yet this strife-torn land is also the birthplace of the world's favorite wine: champagne.

In this engrossing history, Don and Petie Kladstrup show how this sparkling wine, born of bloodshed, became a symbol of glamour, good times, and celebration. It's a story filled with larger-than-life characters:Dom Pérignon, the father of champagne, who, contrary to popular belief, worked his entire life to keep bubbles out of champagne; the Sun King, Louis XIV, who rarely drank anything but; and Napoleon, who, in trying to conquer the world, introduced it to champagne.

Then there were the generations of local vintners who struggled to keep their houses running. Claude Moët hauled his bottles to Versailles and gave Madame de Pompadour her first taste of bubbly, prompting her memorable quote, "Champagne is the only wine that lets a woman remain beautiful after she has drunk it." There was also Charles-Camille Heidsieck, known as "Champagne Charlie," who popularized champagne in America and ended up being imprisoned as a spy during the Civil War.

World War I would be Champagne's greatest test of all, a four-year nightmare in which nearly everything the Champenois had worked and fought for was destroyed "in a rain of iron and fire." German bombardment drove thousands of people underground to seek refuge in the huge cellars of the champagne houses, where among the bottles you would find schools, hospitals, shops, municipal offices, and troops.

Amazingly, grapes continued to be harvested even as bombs fell, and the wartime vintages are considered to be among the finest ever made.

An unforgettable history, Champagne will forever change how you look at a glass of bubbly.




 buy-from-amazon   Adrian Leeds' Top 100 Cheap Insider Paris Restaurants

By Adrian Leeds, Edited by Lynda Sydney

Adrian Leeds' Top 100 Cheap Insider Paris RestaurantsYou don’t need to be rich to dine well – you just need to be in the know! Online since 1996, the guide has been completely updated for 2012. I began writing this guide not long after I moved to Paris as a permanent resident and ferreting out charming, little out-of-the-way places where tourists likely won’t find easily, but to which the locals flock. It is often the simple, hole-in-the-wall, mom-pop restaurants that serve the best food at the most reasonable prices...and they are getting harder and harder to find in today's modern world. When you’re a tourist on holiday you will often end up eating in the touristy spots that are convenient – and you’ll often be disappointed. But carry this guide with you in the City of Light, and no matter where you are at any given moment you'll be able to find great French restaurants (and sometimes other kinds of cuisine) not far from where you are – so you won't have to waste one single precious meal on bad food in the city we love most – Paris! Bon Appétit!



 buy-from-amazon   Walnut Wine and Truffle Groves: Culinary Adventures in the Dordogne

By Kimberley Lovato (Author), Laura Schmalhorst (Author), Lou Lesko (Photographer)

walntuwineandtrufflegrovesPull up a chair and visit the Dordogne (called Périgord by the locals) the way it should be visited: one bite at a time. Walnut Wine and Truffle Groves is a culinary travel book that navigates the back roads—as well as the menus and markets—of the southwestern region of France with newfound excitement. Through interviews with local home cooks and chefs, visits to local farms, historic sites and wineries, market tours, and serendipitous detours, Lovato provides a glimpse into this unspoiled wonderland. The alluring recipes and stunning photographs let readers discover the true jewels in France’s culinary crown as well as discover the country’s most beautiful and less trod-upon provinces.




buy-from-amazon  In a French Kitchen

By Susan Herrmann Loomis

In a French kitchen - by Susan Herrmann LoomisIn a French Kitchen, Susan's latest book, is all about how the French REALLY cook! She filled the book with tips, tricks, information, guides, menus…everything she's learned from the French cook about how to put a gorgeous meal on the table, with style. It’s all here for you, along with more than 80 delectable recipes! You may pre-order the book now!

In a French Kitchen introduces you to the French cooks who, with their tips, recipes, and culinary wisdom, make the French world go ’round.





buy-from-amazon  On Rue Tatin

By Susan Herrmann Loomis

onruetatinIt has been said that food defines a culture. For the French, food is an integral part of their coveted tradition, and Susan Herrmann Loomis's new book On Rue Tatin embraces both. As a young, recent American college graduate, Loomis left the U.S. for France to attend one of the oldest French cooking schools, La Varenne. Her intent was to immerse herself in French cooking with the aspiration of becoming a food critic. Working as the French equivalent of an apprentice, she quickly became intimate with the ways and traditions that define the French culture, specifically its cuisine. On Rue Tatin ("On Tatin Street") is a descriptive narrative of Loomis's first several years in France, her encounters with the local people, and the bonds she formed, as well as recipes she gathered during her time there.

Following her formal culinary training, Loomis returned to the U.S. and met the man who would become her husband. After the couple's first son turned 2, they moved to France where Loomis was determined to launch her writing career focusing on unique aspects of French farming cuisine. She and her husband eventually purchased an old monastery in Louviers in the Normandy region of France. One of the more humorous and memorable stories she shares concerns the landlord of the small rental that they occupied for a year while her husband remodeled the monastery to livable conditions. During that year, the wife of the landlord believed them to be CIA agents and chose to keep a cold distance from the family. Meanwhile the French police suspected them of dealing drugs.

Every recipe featured throughout this memoir comes with an interesting, anecdotal story, and is very much representative of traditional French cuisine. Gateau au Chocolat de Mamy (or Mamy Jacqueline's Chocolate Cake) is a dense, almost death-by-chocolate confection, but served alone or with a fresh fruit coulis, it will bring a smile, as will the sweet explanation of its origin.

Loomis describes experiences and people with much detail, sometimes several times over, and her prose allows the reader to imagine the tempting smells and vivid colors of the countryside. You may find yourself wishing to see pictures of Loomis's home and the quaint village where she lived, but perhaps that was Loomis's intent--she wants to tempt and challenge you to experience the beauty and foods of Louviers and the Normandy region for yourself. --Teresa Simanton --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.




 buy-from-amazon   Cooking at Home on Rue Tatin

By Susan Herrmann Loomis

cookingathomeIn Cooking At Home On Rue Tatin award-winning cookbook author and professional chef Susan Herrmann Loomis takes cooks and readers on a friendly and delicious tour of French home cooking, from the refined to the rustic. In this collection of Susan's favorites, readers and cooks will learn the tricks and tips of entertaining like the French, get clear instruction on the basics of French cooking, and be introduced to the new and exciting array of multicultural cuisines that are rapidly entering the realm of classic French. You will meet Susan's inspirations, from neighbors in her small town to starred chefs, as they share their own home recipes, which have become standard fare on Susan's own table.

Susan invites the busy home cook to relax, unwind, and enjoy the tastes, textures, and aromas of simple yet often sophisticated French fare. The book is filled with contemporary recipes, such as Tuna with Ginger Yogurt Sauce and Cilantro Coulis, Spiced Fish Fillet in Parchment Paper, Skate with Potato Puree; classics, such as Soupe au Pistou, Coq au Vin, Pot-au-Feu, and Quiche Lorraine; and cross-cultural dishes, such as Chorba (Algerian Ramadan soup), Chicken Soup with Tamarind, and Lamb and Dried Plum Tagine with Toasted Almonds. What sets apart all of these recipes, from the contemporary to the classic, is Susan's clear presentation, which makes them so easily accessible.

Susan's food, along with her warm hospitality, puts people at ease and makes them feel as if they are honored guests or members of Susan's own family.




 buy-from-amazon   Farmhouse Cookbook 

By Susan Herrmann Loomis

farmhousebookbookLoomis, author of the excellent Great American Seafood Cookbook ( LJ 10/15/88), spent several years criss-crossing the country in search of "the soul of the American family farm." Here she presents 300 recipes, some from the families she met, some her own, along with a great deal of information about the farmers themselves and what they produce. While all the recipes are good, a few seem somewhat out of sync with the rest of the book (e.g., Grilled Shrimp in Chile Marinade with Three Melons), and some readers may find the headnotes and sidebars overly long. Glenn Andrews's recent Food from the Heartland ( LJ 4/15/91) provides a good, though more limited, look at farm cooking; still, Loomis's latest should prove popular too. BOMC HomeStyle alternate; Better Homes & Garden alternate.




 buy-from-amazon   French Farmhouse Cookbook

By Susan Herrmann Loomis

frenchfarmhousecookbookThe food in the French Farmhouse Cookbook is a reminder of how deeply the soul of French cooking is rooted in the fruits of the soil and sea. For three years, Susan Herrmann Loomis traveled the coasts and visited rural farms in all corners of France. She discovered more than treasured recipes for the quintessentially French dishes that appear in this book. She also met people passionate about the foodstuffs they raise, gather, catch, or produce. Their stories make this book a living tapestry of individuals and the food they cook. Many dishes, while utterly French, fit well into today's preferences for sensible good eating.




 buy-from-amazon  Mastering the Art of French Eating: Lessons in Food and Love from a Year in Paris

by Ann Mah

Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann MahWhen journalist Ann Mah’s diplomat husband is given a three-year assignment in Paris, Ann is overjoyed. A lifelong foodie and Francophile, she immediately begins plotting gastronomic adventures à deux. Then her husband is called away to Iraq on a year-long post—alone. Suddenly, Ann’s vision of a romantic sojourn in the City of Light is turned upside down.

 So, not unlike another diplomatic wife, Julia Child, Ann must find a life for herself in a new city.  Journeying through Paris and the surrounding regions of France, Ann combats her loneliness by seeking out the perfect pain au chocolat and learning the way the andouillette sausage is really made. She explores the history and taste of everything from boeuf Bourguignon to soupe au pistou to the crispiest of buckwheat crepes. And somewhere between Paris and the south of France, she uncovers a few of life’s truths.




 buy-from-amazon   Evolution of the Sephardic Cuisine in Turkey

By Sibel Cuniman Pinto

evolutionofthesephardiccuisineinturkeyA culture's culinary 'repertoire' is influenced by its values, its religious structure, its socio- economic levels as well as the country's climate and geography. The Sephardic Jews expelled from the Iberian Peninsula in 1492 settled in the Ottoman Empire and brought with them a food culture that was influenced by their Spanish heritage. Today, they continue to keep alive their home-style cooking made up of natural, healthy and colorful dishes under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. The purpose of this book is to analyze the evolution of the Turkish Sephardic cuisine, in conjunction with the history of the Jews residing in Turkey. The book compares the Sephardic and Ottoman cuisines in order to show how both contributed to and enthusiastically embraced each other's culture. The analysis should be especially useful to professionals or anyone who may be interested to understand how a 'community cuisine' has survived for more than five centuries, and to provide some direction for the study of how it can continue to live on as an expression of the identity of an ethnic group in today?s world of globalization.




 buy-from-amazon   Room In The Bowl: The IACP Gumbo Giveback Project

By Jamie Tiampo (Editor), David Gallent (Editor), IACP Members (Photographer)

roominthebowlRoom In The Bowl is a collaborative work between the Food Photographers, Stylists, and Writers of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). The book includes essays by writers that convey the passion of Louisiana's signature dish, Gumbo. Myriad photographs showcase the ingredients and the labor of love that goes into every pot. All net proceeds will be divided equally between The Southern Food and Beverage Museum and The Culinary Trust. The Southern Food and Beverage Museum is a nonprofit organization based in New Orleans, dedicated to the discovery, understanding and celebration of the culture of food and drink in the South. The Culinary Trust solicits, manages and distributes funds for educational and charitable programs related to the culinary industry, and is the philanthropic partner of the IACP.




 buy-from-amazon   Food for the Soul

By Monique Y. Wells

foodforthesoulFood for the Soul is a tribute to African Americans, their history, their culture, and their cuisine. The author, Monique Y. Wells, was initially inspired to write a book for African Americans in Paris who wanted a taste of home while living abroad. It was to be a simple collection of recipes and a list of indoor and outdoor markets, American grocers and other places where hard-to-find ingredients could be obtained. However, the project evolved and became a labor of love – for family, for cooking, and for history. Wells honors her family and its origins in virtually every page of this book, recounting the memories associated with many of the recipes that she presents. She speaks of her mother's Louisiana roots and the initiative that her mother took to preserve the recipes that her family brought to Texas from Louisiana. She talks of the pride and care that her father, a native Texan, takes in his barbecue - The Best Barbecue in the World! She also celebrates the tracing of her roots through her maternal grandfather’s Creole family back to the Bordeaux region of France.