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 buy-from-amazonParis Reflections

by Christiann Anderson and Monique Y. Wells

parisreflectionsParis Reflections takes the reader on six walking tours through historic districts of Paris where the African-American presence has been prominent. The authors have assembled a vast amount of information about the lives and works of many of Paris's most prominent African Americans, and all who walk the city's neighborhoods with Paris Reflections in hand will become intimately familiar with the stage and exact locations upon which so much of the area's vibrant African-American history has played out. Each walk is accompanied by a clear and detailed map that will help the reader easily navigate the intricate streets and buildings of the City of Light.




  buy-from-amazonVan Gogh Walks

By Priscilla Bain-Smith

vangoghwalksWhether traveling to Paris or staying home dreaming about it, this book is for you. Each page offers an insider’s insight into Vincent’s life and the Paris he knew . Over 80 full-color photographs track Vincent’s movements around the city and let you see first-hand places dear to him. You’ll also read about people he knew or knewabout, and see their homes and studios too! Priscilla Bain-Smith, art historian, artist, and free-lance photographer, spent several years researching Vincent van Gogh and his life in Paris, Auvers-sur-Oise, and Arles. A former college professor, Ms. Bain-Smith has created these walking tours  which combine her love of Paris with her love of art history, in this case, concerning Vincent van Gogh.




 buy-from-amazon  A Place in the World Called Paris

By Steven Barclay Illustrated by Miles Hyman Forward by Susan Sontag

placeintheworldcalledparisParis--with its subtle moods, elegant charm, and sensual allure--inspires writers and visitors like no other city. A Place in the World Called Paris, now in a beautiful paperback edition, collects the twentieth century's most distinguished authors writing on the unique facets of the City of Light. This anthology of more than 170 short excerpts from fiction, poetry, essays, and memoirs presents fresh and unexpected views of Paris: Franz Kafka on riding the Metro; Truman Capote on visiting Colette in her apartment in the Palais-Royal; Jane Kramer on Parisian style; Claude Debussy on the Luxembourg Gardens; E.B. White on the Liberation; and Maya Angelou on Paris nightlife. With an evocative foreword by Susan Sontag, and atmospheric charcoal drawings by Miles Hyman, this is a treasured volume for anyone who remembers Paris, from literature, or from their own walks along the Seine.




 buy-from-amazon Five Hundred Buildings of Paris

By Kathy Borrus (Author), Jorg Brockmann (Photographer), James Driscoll (Photographer)

fivehundredbuildingsofparisFive hundred stunning duotone photographs showcase the finest, most majestic, and interesting examples of architecture in one of the world's most beloved cities. The greatest buildings, monuments, and structures of Paris come to life in these inspiring, neighborhood-by-neighborhood photographic tours. Each building is featured in a rich, fine-resolution duotone photograph. Information including the building's name, its address and location, and year of completion or renovation is included underneath the image. A brief description of each building, which highlights its distinctive features and places it in historical context, is included at the back of the book.




 buy-from-amazon  One Thousand Buildings of Paris

By Kathy Borrus, Jorg Brockmann (Photographer), James Driscoll (Photographer)

1000buldingsofparisPerhaps the most picturesque of all international cities, Paris is the quintessential walker's paradise, with architectural delights down every winding street. It is the city of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, of the Louvre and Montmarte. But, within its 20 concentric arrondissements are many surprises too, from glass office towers to jewel-box mansions to massive public buildings. The monuments, private houses, museums, hotels, and myriad other structures that make up the widely various neighborhoods of Paris have been captured here as never before, by photographers Jorg Brockmann and James Driscoll.

Each of the 1,000 photographs is accompanied by detailed and informative text recounting the history, significance, and the current state of each building. There are also neighborhood maps and fascinating sidebars and appendices, all adding up to an unprecedented view of a uniquely beautiful city that has captivated the imagination of world travelers for centuries.




 buy-from-amazon Hello France! A Hotel Guide to Paris & 25 Other French Cities, $50-$90 (45-90 Euros) a Night for Two Hello! Budget Hotel Guides)

By Margo Classe

HelloFrance“We can't think of any book series that does the trick better than Margo Classe's Hello! series of guides to inexpensive hotel rooms in France ($50-$99), Spain ($50-$99), Italy ($50-$99) and Britain & Ireland (50-99 pounds).” — Arthur Frommer Paris is our middle name! Hello France! A Hotel Guide to Paris includes a special section to good-value restaurants written by Adrian Leeds from her Top 100 Cheap Insider Paris Restaurants (Tap Books Publishing).buy-now-button-amazon



 buy-from-amazon   A Year in the Merde

By Stephen Clarke

yearinthemerdeReview From Publishers Weekly Take a self-assured Brit with an eye for the ladies, drop him in the middle of Paris with a tenuous grasp of the language and you have Clarke's alter ego, Paul West, who combines the gaffes of Bridget Jones with the boldness of James Bond. Hired to oversee the creation of a French chain of British tearooms, Clarke, aka West, spends nine months—the equivalent of a French business year—stumbling his way through office politics à la française. Clarke's sharp eye for detail and relentless wit make even the most quotidian task seem surreal, from ordering a cup of coffee to picking up a loaf of bread at the boulangerie. Luck is by West's side as he moves into a stunning apartment (with his boss's attractive daughter), but he has to be careful where he steps, as he finds he "began to branch out from literal to metaphorical encounters of the turd kind." Between conspiring colleagues, numerous sexual escapades (he deems French porn "unsexy" since "Being French, they had to talk endlessly before they got down to action") and simply trying to order a normal-sized glass of beer, West quickly learns essential tricks to help him keep his head above the Seine. Originally self-published in Paris, Clarke's first book in a soon-to-be-series is funny and well-written enough to appeal to an audience beyond just Francophiles. Agent, Susanna Lea at Susanna Lea Associates. (May) --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.




 buy-from-amazon  The Riches of France

By Maribeth Clemente

richesoffranceWhether you're a shopper, a browser, or a traveler with a love of all things French, this is your one-of-a-kind guidebook to the culture of regional France represented by the products and centuries-old craftsmanship of each region. At prices lower than what you would pay in Paris or the United States, you'll find endless treasures as you tour boutiques, small factories, artisans' workshops, and wineries and distilleries.buy-now-button-amazon



 buy-from-amazon  The Riches of Paris

By Maribeth Clemente

richesofparisLong considered the epitome of all that is chic, glamorous, and desirable, Paris is every shopper's dream. But even the most indefatigable shopper is sure to be overwhelmed by the embarras de richesses. In The Riches of Paris, Maribeth Clemente shares her insider's knowledge of the choicest boutiques, restaurants, wine cellars, and auctions to help you find endless treasures. Whether you're looking for designer fashions, Limoges china, the finest perfumes, the best Bordeaux or just browsing, The Riches of Paris is an indispensable guide for making your visit to Paris enjoyable and unforgettable.

At last, a fresh take on a country that no one can seem to understand. The French smoke, drink and eat more fat than anyone in the world, yet they live longer and have fewer heart problems than Americans. They take seven weeks of paid vacation per year, yet have the world’s highest productivity index. From a distance, modern France looks like a riddle. But up close, it all makes sense. Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong shows how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Decrypting French ideas about land, food, privacy and language, the authors weave together the threads of French society—from centralization and the Napoleonic code to elite education and even street protests—giving us, for the first time, an understanding of France and the French. 

Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong is the most ambitious work published on France since Theodor Zeldin’s The French. It goes beyond Adam Gopnik’sParis to the Moon to explain not only the essence of the French, but also how they got to be the way they are. Unlike Jonathan Fenby’s France on the Brink, the authors do not see France in a state of decline, but one of perpetual renewal.




buy-from-amazon  A Passion for Paris: Romanticism and Romance in the City of Light

A Passion for Paris - David Downie"A top-notch walking tour of Paris. . . .The author's encyclopedic knowledge of the city and its artists grants him a mystical gift of access: doors left ajar and carriage gates left open foster his search for the city's magical story. Anyone who loves Paris will adore this joyful book. Readers visiting the city are advised to take it with them to discover countless new experiences." --Kirkus Reviews (starred)
A unique combination of memoir, history, and travelogue, this is author David Downie's irreverent quest to uncover why Paris is the world's most romantic city--and has been for over 150 years.



buy-from-amazon  Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light  

By David Downie

parisparisjourneyintothecityoflight“Like the guide who leads us through The Hermitage and its history in Sokurov’s 'Russian Ark’, David Downie is the master of educated curiosity. With him we discover Paris, a seemingly public city that is, in fact, full of secrets—great lives, lives wasted on the bizarre; forgotten artisans; lost graves (lost till now); the ‘papillons nocturnes’; and the ‘poinçonneur des Lilas’. I have walked some of the city’s streets with him, and reading this book is just as tactile an experience.”—Michael Ondaatje. An American journalist based in Paris since 1986, David Downie has written about European culture, food and travel for magazines and newspapers worldwide. He was a Paris correspondent for Salon.com, Departures, Appellation, and Art & Antiques, and has contributed to epicurious.com, concierge.com and many other websites. Currently he is a European correspondent for Gadling.com, the popular literary travel site The author of a dozen works of nonfiction and fiction, Downie’s writing has also appeared in many anthologies, among them The Collected Traveler Paris, Southwest France and Central Italy; Salon.com’s Wanderlust; Travelers’ Tales: Adventures in Wine Country; By The Seat of My Pants; and A Moveable Feast. Please visit David Downie’s website www.davidddownie.com




 buy-from-amazon  Paris City of Night

 By David Downie

Paris City_of_NightParis is alluring, seductive, and by no means benign as Jay Grant well knows. Orange alerts make people trigger-happy. Red and black alerts are worse. They transform the City of Light into a hellish City of Night...Jay Anthony Grant, aka JAG, the son of a recently deceased CIA officer, has serious issues about his father s past. Off to meet his fiancé and spend a winter vacation in Paris, that past draws JAG into a tangled Parisian web of intrigue. An orange alert as New Year s looms in the form of a twinkling Eiffel Tower and fanatics on both sides of the terror divide are out to make JAG s life unpleasant. A suspenseful Hitchcockian page-turner, Paris City of Night is a classic thriller set in contemporary Paris. This Paris isn t the sparkling City of Light but a shadowy place full of cheats, forgers, murderers, U.S. Security operatives and aging Cold Warriors. Best to start reading this one early in the evening... unless, that is, you don t mind losing a night s sleep! writes the best-selling thriller author David Hunt. Anton Gill, creator of the world-best-selling Egyptian Mysteries, calls the book, Unputdownable a real page-turner. No one should miss this. Diane Johnson thinks Paris City of Night is a wild ride through the dark side of Paris with a writer who knows the city s streets and their secrets...




 buy-from-amazon Nice in Nice: The day-to-day musings of a middle-aged housewife living "part-time", in the South of France         
By Ella Dyer

NiceinNiceEllaDyerFamily fun with friends in France and the US.

F is for France - By Piu Marie EatwellExploring a culture filled with arcane laws, historical incidents, and bizarre paradoxes, Piu Eatwell's follow up to her award-winning and critically acclaimed myth-buster They Eat Horses, Don't They is a delightful exploration of France's quirky, literary, and culinary heritage.

From absinthe and catacombs to former French soccer player Zinedine Zidane, Eatwell leaves no stone unturned, taking readers off the beaten path to explore the kind of information that gets missed in guidebooks and 'official' information sources. Who could imagine, for example, that there is a village in France where UFOs are banned from landing? Or that there is a verifiable population of wild kangaroos in the forests surrounding Paris?



buy-from-amazon  Blossoming in Provence

By Kristin Espinasse

Blossoming in Provence by Kristin EspinasseFor American Kristin Espinasse, every encounter with the French—including her own family—is a chance to learn more than a country's language or etiquette—it is an opportunity for growth. Follow along with Kristin as she meets and overcomes obstacles along the path to French integration: sit on the edge of your seat at her wedding, when her future husband's ex shows up in a slinky dress; buckle your seat-belt when she takes the French Drivers exam; share a slice of humble pie with her as her children enlighten her, in their native tongue, about the mystery and meaning of la vie en rose. "Espinasse recounts her adventures with honesty and humor, never afraid to have a good laugh at her own expense." —Publishers Weekly




buy-from-amazon  Words in a French Life 

By Kristin Espinasse

wordsinafrenchlifeWhen Kristin Espinasse fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to his country to marry and start a family, the former French major began a lifelong lesson in French language and culture that her schooling could never have taught her. When her young children began learning the language, she found herself falling in love with all things French, all over again.

Based on her popular blog www.french-word-a-day.com, where subscribers can sign up to receive an email teaching them one French word daily, this heart-warming collection from an American in Provence is as charming as it is practical.

Steeped in French culture, but experienced through American eyes, I hope you will find Words in a French Life to be a delight to armchair travelers, Francophiles, and even the Frenchman in America.



buy-from-amazon  First French Essais: Venturing into Writing, Marriage, and France
  (to be released in March, 2014)

By Kristin Espinasse

First French Essais - By Kristin Espinasse

Author of the short story collections Words in a French Life and Blossoming in Provence, Kristin's writing shines an especially warm light on life in southern France and an outsider's struggles to understand French culture. Her forthcoming book First French Essais: Venturing into Writing, Marriage, and France touches on complexities such as Do the French Dye Easter eggs? to emotional tangles like Where will I one day RIP--if not Phoenix? These feel-good essays portray a down-to-earth France, one with which you'll want to roll up your pantlegs and venture beyond the shimmering surface of La France.     

Kristin lives near Bandol, where her family makes wine, olive oil, and honey (further perpetuating the myth of La Vie en Rose?).




buy-from-amazon  Paris Cafe: The Select Crowd

By Noel Riley Fitch, illustrated by Rick Tulka

pariscafetheselectcrowdAcclaimed author Noël Riley Fitch, abetted by noted artist Rick Tulka, serves the dish on Sélect, the famous Montparnasse café that for nearly nine decades has been so vital to Paris and its intellectual denizens: from Hemingway, Beauvoir, Picasso, James Baldwin, and George Plimpton to the writers and artists who continue to work quietly there in the back room or heatedly debate every topic imaginable into the night. The artists have their work on the walls; the novelists include the café setting in their fiction. The quiet and drama of the Sélect world illustrates the centrality of cafés — particularly this one — to Parisian social, cultural, and intellectual life. Blending pithy profiles and witty drawings of clientele and staff, the book is organized around a history of the café, its daily and seasonal rhythms, particular colorful patrons, and even its typical café/brasserie food (including a few recipes).buy-now-button-amazon


buy-from-amazon   Angels of Paris: An Architectural Tour Through the History of Paris

By Rosemary Flannery

Angels are sculpted everywhere in Paris, not just on churches but in unexpected places: holding a lightning rod atop theangelsofparis Théâtre du Châtelet’s roof, adorning a seventeenth-century gilded sundial inside a courtyard at the Sorbonne, hovering above a railroad headquarters where a beautiful stone frieze features young angels flying in to work on the tracks. Subtly, subliminally, the angels are a part of the fanciful and romantic spirit of Paris. Angels of Paris is the first book to explore this intriguing and extraordinary subject.
Angels of Paris features beautiful photographs taken from dawn to dusk, in all seasons, accompanied by text explaining the story behind the creation of each angel and of the location in which it is found. Organized chronologically, the book delves into the artistic trends and historic movements the angels reflect and the stories of the artists who created them and of those who commissioned them. Readers will learn about Paris’s history, buildings, and monuments through the abundant, beautiful, and surprising depictions of angels from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

Rosemary Flannery has found angels in friezes, plaques, and free-standing sculpture; on fountains and façades, clocks and sundials, monuments and mansions, rooftops and window frames. Angels of Paris is a unique way for lovers of Paris to learn more about the city in a new and unusual way.buy-now-button-amazon


buy-from-amazon   Paris Stories

By Mavis Gallant, Michael Ondaatje

parisstoriesMavis Gallant is an undisputed master of the short story whose peerless prose captures the range of human experience while evoking time and place with unequaled skill. This new selection of Gallant’s stories, edited by best-selling author Michael Ondaatje, gathers the best of her many stories set in Paris, where Gallant has long lived. Here she writes of expatriates and locals, exile and homecoming, and of the illusions of youth and age, offering a kaleidoscopic impression of the world within a world that is Paris. "A master of the short story who breaks every rule of the form." — Booklist "Her fiction, never fooled into trying to keep up with history, will last a long time." — The New York Times Book Reviewbuy-now-button-amazon


buy-from-amazon   French Spirits

By Jeffrey Greene

frenchspiritsA House, A Village and a Love Affair in Burgundy...An American renovates a house in France! But what's new here is that the house is in the Burgundy town of Rogny. The region of La Puisaye, with its swamps and murky woods, lacks the immediate attraction of Provence or Normandy. The American builder is celebrated poet Greene and his companion, Mary, a renowned scientist currently at the University of Paris. After finding nothing fit for their taste or budget in better-known Burgundian towns, the author's real estate agent leads them to remote Rogny. Reconstruction efforts center on the town's presbytery, abandoned by the church and its previous owner and ripe for restoration. Friends of the last priest to occupy the grounds and town tradesmen make up the cast of characters, whom Greene makes into neither caricatures nor odd rustics. As always, reconstruction absorbs more time and money than the author had anticipated. The property takes on sentimental significance when Greene and his companion decide to get married there and their families descend on the little town. So attractive the place becomes that Greene's mother emigrates from America. Mark Knoblauch Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved



 buy-from-amazon   In Pursuit of Wild Edibles: A Forager’s Tour

By Jeffrey Greene

In Pursuit of Wild Edibles - by Jeffrey GreeneIn Pursuit of Wild Edibles: A Forager’s Tour tells the story of one man passionate about finding wild edibles and creating recipes to highlight their unique flavors. An American expatriate, poet, and gourmet living in France, Jeffrey Greene has scoured the fields, rivers, and beaches of Europe and his native New England in search of foods ranging from puffballs and periwinkles to stone pine nuts and gooseneck barnacles. For many, foraging is the latest trend in foodie culture, but for Greene this journey stretches back to his childhood, when his parents fled New York City to a shack-like house in rural Connecticut. Convinced they could live off the land, the family raised goats, planted gardens, gathered seafood at the nearby coast, and foraged for food from the woods.

Inspired by these childhood experiences, Greene and his wife, Mary, bought and restored an old priory in rural Burgundy. Surrounded by forests, they learned to identify mushrooms and greens, and devoted themselves to inventing recipes for them. Thus began a pursuit that took Greene to the Polish Carpathians, the Appennines overlooking the Ligurian coast, the shores of Normandy and Brittany, and to Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the Pilgrims eked out their first winter in near starvation.

Greene’s captivating book offers experienced foragers and novices alike an extensive sampling of his own recipes and a chance to come along with him on his international adventures. From razor clams and wild sea urchins, to young nettles and dandelion greens, to wild strawberries and cherries, Greene showcases the beauty of what one can cook up in a truly wild recipe.



buy-from-amazon   Cave Life in France: Eat, Drink, Sleep

By William Glover, Aprille Glover (Illustrator)

cavelifeinfranceCave Life In France is a charming and humorous account of an American couple's move to France and their encounters with the people of the French countryside. It is a story of wine, food, and unforgettable characters in deep France. It is also a journal of the the problems of moving to a foreign country where the language, customs and culture make life difficult but always interesting. This is a must read for anyone interested in life in the French countryside.




buy-from-amazon   On Rue Tatin 

By Susan Herrmann

onruetatin2It has been said that food defines a culture. For the French, food is an integral part of their coveted tradition, and Susan Herrmann Loomis's book On Rue Tatin embraces both. As a young, recent American college graduate, Loomis left the U.S. for France to attend one of the oldest French cooking schools, La Varenne. Her intent was to immerse herself in French cooking with the aspiration of becoming a food critic. Working as the French equivalent of an apprentice, she quickly became intimate with the ways and traditions that define the French culture, specifically its cuisine. On Rue Tatin ("On Tatin Street") is a descriptive narrative of Loomis's first several years in France, her encounters with the local people, and the bonds she formed, as well as recipes she gathered during her time there.

Following her formal culinary training, Loomis returned to the U.S. and met the man who would become her husband. After the couple's first son turned 2, they moved to France where Loomis was determined to launch her writing career focusing on unique aspects of French farming cuisine. She and her husband eventually purchased an old monastery in Louviers in the Normandy region of France. One of the more humorous and memorable stories she shares concerns the landlord of the small rental that they occupied for a year while her husband remodeled the monastery to livable conditions. During that year, the wife of the landlord believed them to be CIA agents and chose to keep a cold distance from the family. Meanwhile the French police suspected them of dealing drugs.

Every recipe featured throughout this memoir comes with an interesting, anecdotal story, and is very much representative of traditional French cuisine. Gateau au Chocolat de Mamy (or Mamy Jacqueline's Chocolate Cake) is a dense, almost death-by-chocolate confection, but served alone or with a fresh fruit coulis, it will bring a smile, as will the sweet explanation of its origin. 

Loomis describes experiences and people with much detail, sometimes several times over, and her prose allows the reader to imagine the tempting smells and vivid colors of the countryside. You may find yourself wishing to see pictures of Loomis's home and the quaint village where she lived, but perhaps that was Loomis's intent--she wants to tempt and challenge you to experience the beauty and foods of Louviers and the Normandy region for yourself. --Teresa Simanton--(This text refers to the Hardcover edition.)




buy-from-amazon   Forgotten: The Untold Story of D-Day's Black Heroes, at Home and at War

By Linda Hervieux

Forgotten: The Untold Story of D-Day's Black Heroes, at Home and at War

The injustices of 1940s Jim Crow America are brought to life in this extraordinary blend of military and social history—a story that pays tribute to the valor of an all-black battalion whose crucial contributions at D-Day have gone unrecognized to this day.

In the early hours of June 6, 1944, the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion, a unit of African-American soldiers, landed on the beaches of France. Their orders were to man a curtain of armed balloons meant to deter enemy aircraft. One member of the 320th would be nominated for the Medal of Honor, an award he would never receive. The nation’s highest decoration was not given to black soldiers in World War II.

Drawing on newly uncovered military records and dozens of original interviews with surviving members of the 320th and their families, Linda Hervieux tells the story of these heroic men charged with an extraordinary mission, whose contributions to one of the most celebrated events in modern history have been overlooked. Members of the 320th—Wilson Monk, a jack-of-all-trades from Atlantic City; Henry Parham, the son of sharecroppers from rural Virginia; William Dabney, an eager 17-year-old from Roanoke, Virginia; Samuel Mattison, a charming romantic from Columbus, Ohio—and thousands of other African Americans were sent abroad to fight for liberties denied them at home. In England and Europe, these soldiers discovered freedom they had not known in a homeland that treated them as second-class citizens—experiences they carried back to America, fueling the budding civil rights movement.



buy-from-amazon   True Pleasures: A Memoir of Women in Paris 

By Lucinda Holdforth

truepleasuresMeet the dazzling women of Paris: from Colette to Nancy Mitford; Marie Antoinette to Coco Chanel; Madame de Stael to Pamela Harriman; Napoleon’s Josephine to Edith Wharton. Rule-breakers and style-setters, demimondes and diplomats, these women were utterly diverse, yet all shared one common passion — Paris, the world’s headquarters of femininity.

At a turning point in her life, Lucinda Holdforth journeys to Paris and takes a very personal tour through the lives, loves, and losses of its celebrated women. She evokes the city’s incarnations from Louis XIV through the French Revolution, two world wars and the Paris of the new millennium. As she walks in their footsteps, she draws inspiration from the fascinating women who created and nurtured the world’s most civilized city. Sophisticated, witty,

and intelligent, this entrancing travelogue will seduce and inspire every woman in search of her own true pleasures.





buy-from-amazon   The Great Paris WalkPack

By Carole and Geoffrey Howard

greatpariswalkpackThe Great PARIS WalkPack is the ultimate user-friendly guide to walking in five different Paris neighborhoods. It contains five individual full-color foldouts that are easy to read, easy to carry, but impossible to forget.

The five walks cover both well known landmarks like Notre Dame, the Pantheon, and Sacre Coeur, and also many of the little-known squares and small streets on the Right and Left Bank that make Paris Paris.

Each walk tells you where to go and what you're looking at, while providing interesting and lively background anecdotes. With beautiful photographs and an impossible-to-get-lost neighborhood map, it's the next best thing to having your best friend (who knows Paris inside and out) walking by your side.



buy-from-amazon   Invitation to France

By Jim Humberd, Emmy Humberd

invitationtofrance"Our travels in France have been a thoroughly enjoyable experience--truly, it's an exciting and beautiful country. The towns we've visited, the sights we've seen, the people we've met! This is a story of what we saw, and where we saw it during our nine trips to France. It's a composite of all our trips--nearly 160 nights, spent in over 100 different places. The purpose of our book is neither to boast about, nor to celebrate our travels. Whether traveling in a car, a train, or in an arm-chair, the reader will become acquainted with the wonderful people they will meet, and the fascinating places they may visit as they travel through the enticing country of France.""The title, Invitation to France was carefully selected. A vacation should not be a destination, it should be the journey. We have been able to travel with the idea that "it has been here for many years, and if we miss it this time, it will still be here the next time we are in the area." Relax and Enjoy. This book suggests 'Why Not Travel' thousands of other books try to tell you 'How to Travel.'"




buy-from-amazon   The French Riviera

By Ted Jones

frenchrivieraThe sunlight and the calm of the French Riviera have drawn countless writers into its embrace: the Cote D'Azur has provided inspiration and setting for some of the greatest literature of the nineteenth and twentieth century. The French Riviera offers a literary tour of the region, covering the lives and work of all the writers who found inspiration there--from Graham Greene and W. Somerset Maugham who spent their lives there, through those writers whose work it dominates such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Guy de Maupassant, to those who simply lingered there. Ted Jones' encyclopedic work covers them all, including Louisa May Alcott, Hans Christian Andersen, J.G. Ballard, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, and W.B. Yeats.





buy-from-amazon   Living, Studying, and Working in France: Everything You Need to Know to Fulfill Your Dreams of Living Abroad  

By Lorin David Kalisky and Saskia Reilly

The essential book on how to make a life in France.

kaliskyMore than 90,000 Americans live abroad in France, making it home to one of the largest expatriate communities in the world. This is a savvy and insightful book full of hard-earned advice on how to make the most of your experience in France.

Following in the footsteps of the successful Living, Studying, and Working in Italy, this guide will help Americans grow into French culture and help them feel at home in a country famous for its cultural and social particularities. The authors, two Americans who have spent extensive time in France, provide detailed information ranging from health care procedures in France to how to put together a résumé (known as a CV in France). With material on buy-now-button-amazonnetworking, employment opportunities, choosing the right study program, and navigating the French Internet, this is the essential guide for anyone who wants to live, study, or work in France. 


buy-from-amazon   The Complete Jewish Guide to France

By Toni L. Kamins

completejewishguidetofranceThe Complete Jewish Guide to France is the only resource you need to embark on a trip through Jewish France. Travel writer and journalist Toni L. Kamins catalogs information on well-known sights and little-known treasures, such as the Marais district (Paris' celebrated Jewish neighborhood), ancient ghettos, beautiful old synagogues around the country and many other places. She includes information on transportation and lodging, plus hundreds of places to buy kosher food. Selected photographs and maps fill out the picture. Kamins also recounts the nearly two thousand years of French-Jewish history, beginning with evidence that Jews may have lived in France as early as the first century, and continuing right up to the present today.The Complete Jewish Guide to France has everything you need to know to make your trip to Frrance a success -- and to put it into a historical context that will make it even more worthwhile.




buy-from-amazon   Paeonian Paris

By Claire Kincannon

paeonianparis"Help! He brought me to Paris a year ago last week. Now I can't talk, tell time, or get a legal job . . ." And so begins the sometimes surprising and always amusing saga of coping with everyday Paris life for an alien from a rural Virgina village. Laugh and enjoy the journey. Claire Kincannon is a woman of many talents which she has utilized in a varying career pattern spread over the last fifty years. Artist, designer, interior architect, journalist, radio theatre critic and restauranteur, to name a few. In her mid-fifties she was swept off to Paris and the experience of a lifetime which resulted in her newest endeavor: "Paeonian to Paris". Claire Kincannon is also the author and designer/editor of poetical anthologies, "Sheets to the Wind" (pub 2000) and "Sheets for Men Only" (pub 2002).




buy-from-amazon   Paris in Mind

By Jennifer Lee

parisinmind“Paris is a moveable feast,” Ernest Hemingway famously wrote, and in this captivating anthology, American writers share their pleasures, obsessions, and quibbles with the great city and its denizens. Mark Twain celebrates the unbridled energy of the Can-Can. Sylvia Beach recalls the excitement of opening Shakespeare & Company on the Rue Dupuytren. David Sedaris praises Parisians for keeping quiet at the movies. These are just a few of the writers assembled here, and each selection is as surprising and rewarding as the next.

Including essays, book excerpts, letters, articles, and journal entries, this seductive collection captures the long and passionate relationship Americans have had with Paris. Accompanied by an illuminating introduction, Paris in Mind is sure to be a fascinating voyage for literary travelers.




buy-from-amazon   Curious Histories of Nice, France

By Margo Lestz

Curios Histories of Nice, France - By Margo LestzWould you like to get more enjoyment from your stay in Nice? Are you curious about the events that shaped the character of this intriguing city by the sea? Yes? Then this book is for you. In it you will: • Meet Nice's unlikely heroine • Follow the city's path to becoming French • Find out why Queen Victoria travelled with a donkey • Learn about traditions

buy-now-button-amazonat the heart of Niçois culture • Discover dastardly crimes… And much more...



buy-from-amazon   French Holidays & Traditions (Curious Histories) (Volume 1)

By Margo Lestz

French Holidays and Traditions - By Margo LestzIf you are intrigued by French culture and curious about the history behind French traditions, this book is for you. In it, you'll find a selection of short stories, written in a lively style, which often reveal little-known, but always fascinating facts about French customs. Would you like to know: • Why people have fish on their backs on April 1st? • How the Bastille was taken down? • Who collects teeth from under children's pillows? • Which sport honours the memory of a girl called Fanny? You will discover the fascinating stories behind these and other French traditions. French Holidays & Traditions is made up of twelve chapters – one for each month of the year, and each chapter contains one or two stories. These stories might relate to a holiday observed during that month, or they could relate to a tradition, which may not be associated with any particular date. Then, at the end of each chapter, you will find a list of holidays and observances for that month. A handy reference for a monthly dose of French culture.




buy-from-amazon   Hungry for Paris 

By Alexander Lobrano

HungryForParis100If you’re passionate about eating well during your next trip to Paris, you couldn’t ask for a better travel companion than Alexander Lobrano’s charming, friendly, and authoritative Hungry for Paris, the first new comprehensive guide in many years to the city’s restaurant scene. Lobrano, Gourmet magazine’s European correspondent, has written for almost every major food and travel magazine since he became an American in Paris in 1986. Here he shares his personal selection of the city’s 102 best restaurants, each of which is portrayed in savvy, fun, lively descriptions that are not only indispensable for finding a superb meal but a pleasure to read.

Lobrano reveals the hottest young chefs, the coziest bistros, the best buys–including those haute cuisine restaurants that are really worth the money–and the secret places Parisians love most, together with information on the most delicious dishes, ambience, clientele, and history of each restaurant. A series of delightful essays cover various aspects of dining in Paris, including “Table for One” (how to eat alone), “The Four Seasons” (the best of seasonal eating in Paris), and “Eating the Unspeakable” (learning to eat what you don’t think you like). All restaurants are keyed to helpful maps, and the book is seasoned with beautiful photographs by Life magazine photographer Bob Peterson that will only help whet your appetite for tasting Paris.




buy-from-amazon  Guide to Impressionist Paris: Nine Walking Tours to the Impressionist Painting Sites in Paris

By Patty Lurie

impressionistparisThe traveler to France can now discover the beauty of Paris while following in the exact footsteps of well-known Impressionist painters. Guide To Impressionist Paris is a handy guidebook featuring nine walking tours to eighty famous painting sites. Museum quality reproductions of the paintings are paired aesthetically with 80 color photographs of the existing locations as they appear today. The reader can stand where the artist stood and see what they saw. The accompanying text includes easy-to-follow tour directions, informative comments about each painting and its artist, and historical information about Paris, along with nine maps to the exact painting sites. Now tourists, art lovers, and armchair travelers alike can discover the beauty of the French capital while looking through the eyes of Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Van Gogh, and other well-known Impressionists. Guide To Impressionist Paris is equally at home on the art bookshelf, as it is on the traveler's bookshelf.




buy-from-amazon   Stuff Parisians Like

By Olivier Magny

stuffparisianslikeTo be mistaken for a Parisian, readers must buy the newspaper Le Monde, fold it, and walk. Then sit at a café and make phone calls. Be sure to order San Pellegrino, not any other kind of fizzy water. They shouldn't be surprised when a waiter brings out two spoons after they order le moelleux au chocolat- it is understood that the dessert is too sinfully delicious not to share. Go to l'île Saint-Louis-all Parisians are irredeemably in love with that island. Feel free to boldly cross the street whenever the impulse strikes-pedestrian crosswalks are too dangerous. If they take a cruise on the Seine, they will want to stand outside, preferably with their collar popped up. If they want to decorate, may we suggest the photographs of Robert Doisneau? To truly be cool in Paris, own an iPhone, wear Converse sneakers, and order sushi.




buy-from-amazon   A Writer's Paris

By Eric Maisel

awritersparisThe symbolic home for creative people everywhere, Paris has been inspiration for countless artists and writers. In this dynamic book, well-loved author Eric Maisel gives writers the guidance they need to take a literal or figurative soul-renewing artistic sojourn in the city of light. It:

-Shares with readers how and why to take a creative visit to Paris

-Provides logistics for those committed to a trip and inspiration for those who hunger for a taste of the expat life

 -Features the expert advice of America's foremost creativity coach

Filled with lessons and anecdotes that convey the spirit of the glorious city, this book will inspire anyone to create.




buy-from-amazon   Au Contraire! Figuring Out the French

By Gilles Asselin, Ruth Mastron

aucontraireWhat makes the French so...well, French? As a culture, the French are fiercely independent yet seductively romantic, deeply conservative yet avant-garde, dispassionately rational yet dramatically emotional.

For anyone involved in interactions with the French, whether in business or government, as a student or armchair devotee of crossing cultures, Au Contraire! unearths the often invisible cultural forces that govern behavior. Gilles Asselin and Ruth Mastron draw on their front-line experience as consultants, trainers and expatriate practitioners living and working in both countries, and on their research of dozens of professionals to offer the best and most useful analysis and advice on French-American intercultural relations. Going beyond the obvious, this bilingual and bicultural author team explores what lies behind what we see: the assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, values and patterns of thought of both cultures.

In a global world filled with international mergers and partnerships, Au Contraire! provides context and perspective on what happens when French and American people come together, at work, at home and in many other social settings; it addresses such issues as education and play, friendship and romance, politics and education. In an in-depth case study of how pharmaceutical giant Rhône-Poulenc Rorer overcame challenges to foster cross-cultural teamwork, the authors take a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges of working and managing across the French and American cultural divide. With professional guidelines for expatriate managers working in the United States or in France and a quick and useful guide to social behavior and etiquette in France, Au Contraire! provides the critical tools to effectively develop creative and appropriate responses to any situation, based on a deep understanding of the dynamics of these two cultures.




buy-from-amazon   French Philadelphia

In French and English

philadelphiealafrancaiseBy Lynn H. Miller and Annette H. Emgarth, Photography by Emmanuel Pierre Geefrenchphiladelphia

This travel / guidebook is easy, pleasant reading which includes historical background, a selected bibliography and a listing of French-American organizations in the region. The following are six of the featured 59 color photographs, neighborhood maps and illustrations.




buy-from-amazon   Chasing Matisse

By James Morgan

Discoveries By Susan Salter Reynolds Los Angeles Times Sunday, March 20, 2005

chasingmatisseIsn't it fabulous, one sneers, trapped in the ides of March, rabbit-eyed before tax season. Following his dream to live in France, how simply fabulous for James Morgan. Maybe the "Chasing Matisse" author could join Peter Mayle and Frances Mayes and all those other happy expatriates on the travel shelf. But wait. There's another message in the best of these books: Check the path you're on. Check it frequently. Measure it against your dreams. Factor in the risk of not following your dreams the way you might any financial risk.

"The creative life is a wonderful life, which is why it pays so poorly," writes Morgan, who, at age 45, with a new wife and two daughters at college, decided to sell the family home in Little Rock, Ark., and follow the trail of his favorite painter. "Coming of age in middle age," he calls it, and the whole process, uprooting relationships and shedding possessions, takes a level of courage that many other books in this genre gloss over. Morgan and his wife travel to Matisse's native Picardy region, to Collioure at the foot of the Pyrenees, to Nice and Vence, and to Morocco. 

From the gray December skies of northern France to the brilliant sunsets of the French Riviera, Morgan is clearly refreshed and inspired by the colors Matisse made famous: "I dreamed that night of a marvelous green," he writes from Morocco. "The sky was green, the sea was green, the mystery of life was tinted a deep and disturbing shade of sea foam."




buy-from-amazon   In a Paris Moment

By Meredith Mullins

InAParisMomentThis beautiful book was a recent gift and I've had difficulty putting it down since unwrapping it. The photographs are brilliant and engaging, as one would expect from an elegant art/photography book, but there is much more to behold. And to "be held" for that matter. There is something soothing about the cover's stock and the rich paper on which each page is printed. Just holding the book feels good to me and flipping through the pages offers an unexpected comfort that keeps me wanting more. Strange as it may sound, this book to me is about feeling -- both physical and emotional.

Part of the experience is how Ms. Mullins so masterfully fashions a tapestry of striking visual appeal, thought-provoking human interest and dialog, and clever anecdotes. Her writings are not only amusing, but they are the kind to which practically everyone can relate. Anyone visiting Paris and attempting to converse with the locals surely must go through the same mental gymnastics and second-guessing as depicted in "Zen and the Art of the Taxi Ride." I remember all too well just how daunting it was to select the correct phrasing and verb conjugations to fit in and make sense. Or who hasn't, whether in the City of Lights or some obscure shop elsewhere, accidentally bumped into something and feared that it would be discovered? Her "Fallen Sheep" tale makes me laugh every time I reread it, and feel connected to it in an eerie and unknown way as if something parallels my own past.

It's been years since I've seen Paris, but enjoying this book takes me back as if it were only yesterday. The author's quotes, stories, and black-and-white slices of time indeed capture Paris moments, but in their uniquely personal way, they beckon the viewer/reader to connect. To connect with the places, to connect with the emotions, to connect with the people. I heartily recommend this stunning rendition of true 'joie de vivre' to anyone who has been to Paris or wishes to visit, and to those of us who long for that ultimate connection to our own moments that transcend language and time, but that show us who we are and what we can become if we pay attention.




buy-from-amazon   Promenades Dans le PARIS DISPARU

parisdisparuBy Leonard Pitt

A Walking Guide to the Transformation of Paris

Walk through the heart of Paris with hundreds of photos, maps, and engravings in hand to discover a Paris that no longer exists. Contents: Preface by Alexandre Gady Introduction Walk 1: De Saint-Germain-des-Prés au square Viviani Walk 2: L'ile de la Cité Walk 3: De Saint-Germain-des-Pres au Palais-Royal Walk 4: Le Marais Epiloguebuy-now-button-amazon



buy-from-amazon   Walks Through Lost Paris 

By Leonard Pitt

walksthroughparisWhen he discovered that the city he lived in for many years was actually entirely rebuilt during the mid-1800s, Leonard Pitt plunged into Paris's history and began photographing what he learned had changed. Eventually, he led tours and gave lectures on the demolition and reconstruction that changed the city forever. Walks Through Lost Paris chronicles Paris's great periods of urban reconstruction through four walking tours. With a special focus on the work of Georges-Eugene Haussmann, this book provides a history of each site along with the motives behind the urban redesign and the reactions of Parisians who witnessed it. Detailed maps take you through a city whose changes were captured by photographers and artists in each stage. Hundreds of color photos, diagrams, and engravings splendidly survey the massive transformation that resulted in the Paris of today.




buy-from-amazon  Love à la Française  

By Polly Platt

lovealafrancaiseIn her best-selling books "French or Foe?" and "Savoir Flair!," Polly Platt handed foreigners the keys to delighting in a visit to France and handling encounters with the French. In "Love a la Française," she delves into the intimate lives of Anglo-Saxons who actually lived the dream and moved to Paris - fo good, for better or worse - as wives of French men. Why? To live in the city that celebrates women, where they could discover the meaning of being women, and being completely themselves, whoever they might turn out to be. But French men with their thousand-year experience in enchanting French women are not always in tune with Anglo-Saxons and vice versa. Why do some American women in Paris fail while others bloom and thrive? And how do happy transpalnts manage their success? After dozens of interviews and in-depth case studies, Polly Platt reveals the secrets of Love a la francaise.




buy-from-amazon   French or Foe?

By Polly Platt

frenchorfoeLet's face it: the French have gotten a bad rap. Mention that you're considering a trip to France and everyone will warn you about rude waiters, supercilious shopkeepers, and snooty concierges who won't give you the time of day--and worse, pretend not to understand your high-school French. Not so, says Polly Platt, author of French or Foe?; "The French are generous, exhilarating friends," but they are different--wonderfully so. The trick to getting along in France is understanding the culture and learning to accept it on French terms instead of your own. Though the book is designed primarily for people who will be living or working in France for extended periods, the lessons Platt teaches about manners, attitudes, and culture are invaluable for even those visitors just passing through.




buy-from-amazon   Savoir Flair

By Polly Platt

savoirflairIn "Savoir Flair: 211 Tips for enjoying France and the French", she has taken numerous interesting stories or observations about an American operating in France, added a punch line (i.e., tip) and organized them into 20 chapters. What I particularly like about this book is you can read just the topics of interest if you're visiting Paris for a vacation - topics like arriving at the airports, hotels, using taxis, Métro, Cafés, French food - or you can read it all if going there on business or longer. An example of tips more oriented to those of us living in France include comments on business meals, driving, the local scene, rural living, or requesting information from the French (not as obvious as you think) - just to name a few. Mrs. Platt, an American, mixes humor with authority. She has lived in Paris for over 30 years - she knows what she's talking about; intimately. This 290 page paperback is highly recommended.




buy-from-amazon Paris Insights

By Tom Reeves

parisinsightsParis Insights – An Anthology provides you with the unique perspective and insider tips that allow you to make Paris your own. No other book presents the City of Light in such a lively, informative and vividly illustrated fashion! “This book…literally points you in the right directions – telling you who to see, when to see them, and what to ask for. It's a true insider’s guide to one of my most favorite cities in the world, written by someone who has lived the special experiences you'll never find in a guide book.”




buy-from-amazon   Paris Confidential 

By Elizabeth Reichert

parisconfidentialWarren Trabant and his late wife, Jean, devoted their lives to Paris. Trabant started his career in France as a photo editor for the Marshall Plan in 1951, then became a top notch journalist, later publishing the monthly "Letter From Paris." In the late 1980s, he and Jean collaborated to write Paris Confidential, a look at Paris from the inside for those who wanted a deeper appreciation of the city than just an elevator ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

The Trabants, fascinated by the profound history, yet cynical in their aspirations, took a different view than most toward how one would best discover the real Paris. It is through their critical eyes that Paris Confidential was written.

Now almost 20 years later, young and talented Elizabeth Reichert enters the scene to shed new light on a new hip city that Trabant, now in his 80's, reflects on with mild disdain. Reichert has taken the core of Paris Confidential and raised it to a new height, by allowing those elements which are unchanged to remain untouched, adding her own insights to this ever-changing metropolis the world has fallen in love with.

I believe you will thoroughly enjoy Reichert's fresh writing style as well as her youthful eye co-mingled with the Trabants' own. And you will learn things about Paris you never expected to know...realizing the true depth of this magnanimous city.




buy-from-amazon   City-Lit Paris  

By Heather Reyes

citylitparisThis is the unique Paris city break travel guide - for the real flavour of Paris. "City-lit Paris" is the perfect city break guide to la vie parisienne. From Joanna Harris, Julian Barnes, Kate Mosse and Irene Nemirovsky to Stephen Clarke, Gertrude Stein, Proust and Claude Izner, over seventy extraordinary writers provide the perfect Paris holiday companion. The book is introduced by "A Year in the Merde" author Stephen Clarke.



buy-from-amazon   Sensual Paris

By Jonathan LeBlanc Roberts

sensualparisPassionate about Paris… People come to Paris to escape the tedium of their lives back home; to revel in its fabled, old world ambiance and luminous sensuality. SENSUAL PARIS: Sex, Seduction and Romance in the Sublime City of Light is a sassy guide to the city's decadent mystique and hedonistic pleasures - from indulgent libertine clubs to ultra-sexy shopping to seductive all-night soirees. Brimming with savvy, insider advice unseen in mainstream guidebooks, the author provides an unconventional social and cultural roadmap to the beguiling French capital – including: • Intimate restaurants and bistros selected for their sensual & romantic ambiance • Alluring boutique hotels - perfect for a fiery, impassioned tryst or a cozy, romantic vacation • Uber-chic bars & dance clubs – meet urbane locals and fellow travelers • Kinky private clubs & parties, decadent cabarets and risqué entertainment venues • Relaxing day-spas for the ultimate in French body care treatment and rejuvenation • Erotic museums, bookstores and boutiques • A primer on flirtation, cross-cultural seduction and social-foreplay • Explores French attitudes on pleasure, romance and the etiquette of infidelity SENSUAL PARIS is written for the “cosmopolitan grown-up” who seeks to better comprehend the liberal attitudes, quirky sensibilities, and secret erotic fantasies of urbane Parisians, in order to embrace their worldbuy-now-button-amazon



buy-from-amazon   French Toast: An American in Paris Celebrates the Maddening Mysteries of the French

By Harriet Welty Rochefort

frenchtoastA humorous tour of what living in France is really like! Peter Mayle may have spent a year in Provence, but Harriet Welty Rochefort writes from the experience of slugging it out over twenty years of living, observing and coping in Paris! From a a small town in Iowa to the city of Light, Harriet has done what so many dream of, plan on and hope to accomplish -- pick up, change your life and move to France! But, the ride comes with its share of cultural bumps, bruises and psychic adjustments. The author demystifies the French and food, money, sex, love, marriage, manners, schools, style and much more. Harriet's first-person account offers both a helpful reality-check and a lot of very funny moments.




buy-from-amazon   French Fried: The Culinary Capers of an American in Paris

By Harriet Welty Rochefort

frenchfriedIn a style that's a cross between Erma Bombeck and MFK Fisher, Rochefort tells the entertaining story of how she, an American raised on meat and potatoes, learned to appreciate food à la française. Globalization and stadardization my menace Gallic cuisine, but not for long, if Rochefort is there to defend it.




buy-from-amazon   Joie de Vivre: Secrets of Wining, Dining, and Romancing Like the French

By Harriet Welty Rochefort

joiedevivreFor Harriet Welty Rochefort, an American who has lived in France for many years with her very French husband, it’s clear that the French truly are singular in the way they live, act, and think—from the lightness of their pastries to the refinement of their Hermes scarves. They simply exude a certain je ne sais quoi that is a veritable art form. The French revel in the moment, appreciate the time spent in preparing a perfect feast, pay attention to the slightest detail--whether flowers on the table or a knockout accessory on a simple outfit--and work hard when not enjoying their (considerable) leisure time without an ounce of guilt. Their joie de vivre can come where you least expect it: for the French it’s better to have a chagrin d’amour than no amour at all, and for the Frenchman a day without discord is a day without a kick. They have fun (yes, fun !) when they fuss and feud, squabble and shrug.




buy-from-amazon   Paris Movie Walks

By Michael Schurman

parismoviewalksTen walking tours let you be the star on the greatest movie set in the world. From Truffaut and Godard to Hanks and Hepburn, Paris has been a magnet for filmmakers and movie stars, whose careers don't seem complete unless they've made at least one film in the world's most romantic location. Now see it from a whole new angle through the lenses of famous directors. Four walks take you past all of Paris's famous sites while telling which stars walked these same streets before you and where they paused to kiss or kill. Four more explore hidden nooks that tourists often overlook, and two offer a taste of the "Old Paris" of '30s and '40s film classics. In addition, a "Further Afield" chapter features locations that allow you to explore some of Paris's flea markets, green spaces, suburbs, and other areas of interest to visitors and moviemakers. Along the way, the author provides commentary to enrich your appreciation of what you're seeing as you sip a glass of wine or enjoy a coffee at a sidewalk cafe.

Each walk starts and ends at a Metro stop for easy access from wherever you may be staying in the City of Light. Maps make it easy to follow the routes, and a film index guides you to the locations used in 160 films, ranging from The Bourne Identity, The Da Vinci Code, and The Devil Wears Prada to oldies but goodies like Charade and Sabrina and such French New Wave classics asbuy-now-button-amazon Breathless and The 400 Blows. A fresh, fun, low-cost way to explore Paris--for the first time or the fiftieth.


buy-from-amazon   An Hour from Paris

By Annabel Simms

anhourfromparis2Updated 2008 Written with an eye for the unusual and containing invaluable practical details and maps, this idiosyncratic guide describes 20 destinations in the Ile de France, the fascinating yet little-known countryside around Paris. Better-known destinations include the châteaux of Chantilly and Rambouillet and Maurice Ravel's house in Montfort-l'Amaury, but the reader will also discover the Roman town of Senlis, the river-ports of Conflans-Ste Honorine and St Mammès, the Gothic church and medieval moats at Crécy-la-Chapelle, the old border-town and water-mills of Moret-sur-Loing which inspired the Impressionist painters, and the delightfully provincial atmosphere of Luzarches. Readers who are interested in discovering half-hidden châteaux and writers' country houses; walking, boating or dancing by the river; exploring old towns and country footpaths; and eating in family-run restaurants with 1950s décor and prices to match will find much here to treasure.




buy-from-amazon   Half an Hour from Parisn Hour from Paris

By Annabel Simms

Half an Hour from Paris - By Annabel SimmsFollowing the format of the small classic An Hour from Paris, and written with the same delight in the little-known treasures of the Ile de France, comes Annabel Simm’s latest guidebook, Half an Hour from Paris. Simms presents 10 new destinations easy to reach from central Paris, each with a carefully planned walk, ample meanderings through the cultural, historical and social milieu, comprehensive practical information and clear, detailed maps.

Annabel Simms was born in England, of Hungarian parentage. She has lived in Paris since 1991, when she arrived from London on a year’s sabbatical from her job as a college lecturer in English literature and business English – and never left. Her interest in the little-known Ile de France region dates from that first year, when she began to spend her Sundays exploring the nearest countryside accessible by train from Paris.



buy-from-amazon   Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City

By Heather Stimmler-Hall

naughtyparis"Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City," is a beautifully illustrated, 296-page guidebook with over 200 full color photos. At just 6.25"x 7", it fits easily into your purse, and makes a wonderful souvenir even after your trip is over. Naughty Paris will be available in bookstores for €25 in September, but you can pre-order your own copy here, signed by the author, and you will receive it a month in advance, fresh off the printing press! The Naughty Paris Guide was written by Heather Stimmler-Hall, a Paris-based journalist and editor of the Secrets of Paris website since 1999.




 buy-from-amazon  Around and About Paris

By Thirza Vallois

Never before has there been a guide for the visitor on foot that is so far reaching, so aroundandaboutpariscomprehensive, so detailed or so deeply researched. Around and About Paris is the perfect companion to the city, written by someone who has known Paris inside out for decades. Entertaining and informative, Around and About Paris will show you both the Paris that flirts and flaunts itserlf and the hidden Paris that lies under the cobblestones. It will enlighten you about the past, present and future of what you see — the history, the tensions, the developments, the schemes. And it will show you the gems — the places that have universal appeal simply because of their supreme beauty.buy-now-button-amazon



buy-from-amazon   Romantic Paris

By Thirza Vallois photography by Juliana Spear

romanticparisRomantic Paris is an invitation to join in an around-the-clock and a dream-come-true celebration of the ultimate city of romance.Written by acknowledged Paris expert, Thirza Vallois has the place at her fingertips and gives you the best of the best of romantic Paris. Vallois walks you to all the city’s treasured spots and secret corners, and provides you with a choice of fabulous places – hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, museums, night life – that she has carefully selected to suit couples of all ages, all budgets, and as varied a spectrum as possible.




buy-from-amazon   Around and About Paris Volumes I, II and II

By Thirza Vallois

aroundandabout1aroundandabout2aroundandabout3Volume I Arrondissements 1 - 7 From the Dawn of Time to the Eiffel Tower: The Old Territory Volume II Arrondissements 8 - 12 From the Guillotine to the Bastille Opera: The Territory Annexed to Paris during the French Revolution Volume III Arrondissements 13 - 20 New Horizons: Haussmann's Annexation

"I think we can safely toss all other Paris guidebooks aside. Paris is made for walking and Thirza Vallois' guides are made for Paris. There can be no higher praise than when I say they come close to the standard set of the world's greatest guide book, J. Link's 'Venice for Pleasure'... and they should soon achieve similar legendary status." William Boyd, The Spectator, 27 September 1997.buy-now-button-amazon


buy-from-amazon   Aveyron, a Bridge to French Arcadia

By Thirza Vallois

"It all began in Paris with a riot of wisteria."

vallois-aveyron-coverThis led to a chance meeting between Thirza Vallois and Georges and Odette, and to Vallois' love affair with the stunning Aveyron, a mosaic of enchanting landscapes tucked away on the southern edge of the Massif Central. Until recently, this was France at its most quintessentially rural, sealed off from the rest of the country by a rugged terrain, anchored firmly in its distinctive identity and traditions. Today the Aveyron is a dynamic area of astonishing contrasts, where Norman Foster's cutting-edge Millau Viaduct cohabits with ancient Roquefort cheese, the former home of the Knights Templar hosts anti-globalisation rallies, and pilgrims hike the old road to Compostela while Japanese tourists enjoy contemporary cuisine at the 3-Michelin star Michel Bras. A Bridge to French Arcadia is the captivating story of a once destitute corner of France that is now singled out for its unbeatable, idyllic quality of life. More than a travel book to a unique and beautiful area, it is also a portrait gallery of the people of the Aveyron who are building bridges to the outside world. Bridges that will take you on an exciting journey and a mystical quest across the millennia. Thirza Vallois is the author of the highly acclaimed Around and About Paris series and Romantic Paris. She holds several post-graduate degrees from the Sorbonne, including the prestigious agrégation. An acknowledged Paris expert, she is also the author of the Paris Entry to the Encarta Encylopaedia and contributes to radio, television and magazines. She has also written several articles about the Aveyron for the international press.




buy-from-amazon   The Flâneur

By Edmund White

theflaneurAmazon.com's Best of 2001 If a place is best known by its particulars, then Edmund White is an expert on Paris. Fortunately, he's generous with his secrets: he reveals a Paris not found in any other guide in this first book in the Writer and the City series. White's Paris is seen on foot, as a flâneur, a stroller who aimlessly loses himself in a crowd, going wherever curiosity leads him and collecting impressions along the way. Paris is the perfect city for the flâneur, as every quartier is beautiful and full of rich and surprising delights. But this is no typical tour of monuments and museums; it is much more intimate and surprising. As a flâneur of Paris for 16 years, White knows where to find the very best of everything--silver, sheets, plum slivovitz. He can tell you where to get Tex-Mex surrounded by a dance rehearsal hall, where to rent an entire castle for a party, or even where to get Skippy peanut butter. He eschews the pearl-gray city built by Napoleon and roams the places where the real vitality lives, the teaming quartiers inhabited by Arabs and Asians and Africans, the strange corners, the markets where you can find absolutely anything in this city that accommodates all tastes. White's Paris is a place rich in history with a passion for novelty and distractions. So a walk through the Jewish ghetto leads to the history of the little-known Musée Nissim de Camondo, with its impressive collection of Louis XV and Louis XVI furniture, created by a family of Jewish bankers ultimately killed in the Holocaust. White shares other favorite and obscure museums, such as the Hôtel du Lauzun, where writers like Balzac and Charles Baudelaire and the painter Edouard Manet met for long evenings of music and hashish-induced hallucinations. Reminiscences in Montmartre reach back to the thriving jazz culture created by African Americans in the years between the world wars and include stories about Josephine Baker, Richard Wright, and James Baldwin. While White may ignore Notre Dame, he has fascinating tidbits to share about kings and queens and their heirs who still fight for the throne. The variety of Paris, White remarks, is matched by the voraciousness and passion of its people. With his own remarkable flair, he reveals a thriving and alluring city where tourists rarely tread. --Lesley Reed